I've realised I'm out of control with my MOC collection and I have to rationalise a bit. See?

This is a fraction of what I actually have (not everything depicted is for trade and not everything to trade is pictured). Frankly there are things available to US people (and Canadians who often go to the US or who have contacts) that I can't get, so I thought maybe I'll downsize and get stuff I really want, rather than letting my MOC collection cause my closet to explode. Anyway, here is my have/needs/wants list. Higher priority wants merit higher value items for trade. I’m looking first to trade and I would rather trade than sell. In some cases it's easy because I simply want new stuff that's not available in Canada.


First up:

Item Number,  Description
A1   Cobra Urban Strike Team MOC
A2   Night Adder with Wild Weasel (red) MISB
A3   Cobra C.A.T. II MISB
A4   Pathfinder from AWE Striker in bubble + AWE Striker decals
A5   VvV Sting Raider with Eels MISB
A6   Operation Crimson Sabotage MISB
A7   Ninja battles (MISB) Outside plastic box slightly crunched, inside intact
A8   Tigerhawk with Ace (beige) MISB
A9   Venom Striker MISB
A10   APC Transport MISB
A11   Crimson Command Copter MIB
A12   Night Rhino MISB
A13   Locust MISB
A14   Locust MISB
A15   AWE Striker MISB (Have 2 - 2nd not pictured)
A17   Tiger Storm Copter Value Pack (black Sand Viper & Recondo) MISB
A18   Spy Troops VHS with Snake-Eyes, Duke and CC MISB
A19   VvV Wave 5 Case (the Army Builder wave – PP Viper, Tele, BAT pack)
A20   Cobra Mantis Sub MISB

Also available but not pictured - Unopened for trade:

RAH Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes 2000 (Exclusive Canadian Package) x1
RAH Rock-Viper & Major Bludd 2-pack (Exclusive Canadian Package) x1
RAH Big Ben & White-out 2-pack (Exclusive Canadian Package) up to 9
RAH Law and Dusty 2-pack (Exclusive Canadian package) up to 4
RAH Duke and Sidetrack 2-pack (Exclusive Canadian package) up to 28
RAH Cobra Commander and Laser Viper up to 9
RAH Shadow Viper and Zartan up to 9
RAH Fast-Blast Viper and Destro x1
RAH Gung-Ho and Leatherneck x1


GvC Frostbite vs Neo-Viper v1 (Exclusive Canadian package) up to 5
GvC Heavy Duty vs C.L.A.W.S. v1 (Exclusive Canadian package)up to 6
GvC Wetsuit vs Cobra Moray v1 (Exclusive Canadian package) x3
GvC Gung-Ho vs Constipated Destro v1 (Exclusive Canadian package) x1
GvC Big Ben vs Alley Viper (Blue) for the right deal, up to 5
GvC Dart vs CLAWS for the right deal, up to 5


ST Cobra Treadfire
ST Widescope vs BAT v3.2
ST Recondo vs Iron Grenadier (US)
ST Barrel Roll (US)
Wave 5 Spytroops Set (US)
Wave 6 Spytroops Set (US)
Wave 7 Spytroops Set (US)


25A Buzzer (US card)
25A Shipwreck (US card)
25A Red Ninja (US card)
25A Hooded CC (US card)
25A Cobra Trooper (US card)
25A Crimson Guard (Cdn Card)

25A International Exclusive Wave 5 Set on Canadian/Trilingual Card


My approach is going to be to make me reasonable offers. I think we have a good community here and you guys more than anyone know what this stuff is worth - but it is by no means a fire sale. I am sure we can agree to prices or fair trades.

Loose Figures for sale/trade:

·  Topside, COMPLETE with all accessories, fullback card and bubble

·  Big Boa, COMPLETE with all accessories

·  Downtown, COMPLETE

·  Scoop, COMPLETE (including mouthpiece) but handle on camera broken off and missing

·  Zartan v3 (’01) COMPLETE with all accessories except stand

·  Pathfinder v2 (‘01), COMPLETE, several, a few still in bubble package

·  Capt Grid-Iron, with all accessories but backpack, comes with fullback card and bubble

·  Outback v1 (’87), missing rifle only

·  Dusty v1 (’85), missing bipod only

·  Backblast v1 (’89), Missing knife

·  Deejay v1 (‘89), missing hose and mouthpiece

·  Gnawgahyde, includes machete, rifle and boar

·  Stalker, v2 (’89), includes white rifle, mask, kayak, paddle, and brown machinegun

·  Rock N Roll v2 (’89), missing ammo belts, handle on one gun cracked but still attached

·  Countdown v1 (’89), missing pistol

·  These guys and various other loose figures only from ‘80s, early ‘90s - ask me if you’re looking for something specific

Figure parts:

·  TONS of parts from ‘80s, early ‘90s - ask me if you’re looking for something specific

Figure Accessories for trade:

·  Also seems like zillions...I have bunch of other accessories – ask me if you’re looking for something specific

Vehicles for trade:

·  Phantom X-19 Stealth Fighter – 100% Complete with pilot (landing gear a little loose)

·  Cobra-customized 2001 A.W.E Striker (ask me for a pic) with Maj Bludd (2000)

·  Man ‘o War mint, unassembled without figure

·  Star Wars Republic Gunship v1

·  Cobra Hammerhead, 100% Complete including complete driver (It’ll take a big trade to get me to part with this one)



·  Cobra Hydrofoil - depth charge x1, Engine cover, searchlight lens x2

·  Cobra Bunker Roof x1

·  Cobra Stellar Stiletto, small missile x2, large missile x2

·  Destro’s A.G.P, missile x2

Wanted Figs: (preferably complete unless otherwise specified - listed in order of priority):

·  Cobra Night Watch 2008 TRU Exclusive

·  Senior Ranking Officers, set 3 of 3 CC, Cobra Officer, Cobra Trooper

·  Viper v3 (Sonic Fighters)

·  Valor vs Venom Duke and Iron Grenadier (Wal-Mart Exclusive) x2

·  Heli-Viper

·  Storm Shadow v1 (’84) Figure only, in good shape without yellowing

·  Kamakura v1 - LOTS!

Wanted Vehicles (in order of priority):

·  Cobra Hurricane V.T.O.L complete w/Vapor

·  Cobra B.U.G.G. (complete with or without Secto-Viper)

·  Firebat, complete

·  Target Exclusive HISS

·  Cobra Terror Drome

·  Cobra Stinger or Rattler 4-WD, complete (no figure necessary)

·  Cobra Ringneck

Wanted Parts/accessories:

·  Alley-Viper v1 or v2 backpacks or good knock offs that fit Joes

Contact me and let me know what you have/want or if you would like pics and we can negotiate. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

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For those of you using webmail, I'm at nospamstarviper_cobra@hotmail.com. Just remove the letters "nospam" when you retype my address. Thanks!