Updated 8 Dec 05 Welcome to my very own domain, starviper.ca Yes, I finally shelled out and got myself a domain. It's not like I have more time on my hands, but I felt like reviving the old site, as a showcase to the customisation work I've done over the years including castings.

First thing, I'd like to highlight my Trade List See if I have anything else you might want or vice versa. I have tons of spare figure parts, so ask away if you need something specific.

The Customs

Overkill Helmet and AK-107

This picture shows the last items I casted; a custom Cobra Officer incorporating a custom casted Overkill helmet and AK-107

Overkill's helmet is perfect for Cobra-fying JvC customs. And the AK-107 Crimson Viper Rifle is a classic!

'86 Viper Rifles

 I casted these in black and natural, with mixed results. I never perfected my technique, but often they turned up pretty nice Ė Check 'em out:

The detail reproduction from the original turned out very good and I'm very happy considering how delicate the reproduction process is. This figure is my custom Viper Officer and uses my home-cast '86 Viper rifle, head, and backpack!

Viper Head Castings

 I casted these in black and natural also Ė Hereís a look:

As you can see, the detail turns out very well. They are amazingly smooth. Couldnít get the digital camera to do quite what I wanted so the natural head is a little fuzzy but the detail is just as good (same mold). I just wanted to give an impression of the colour.

The "stand" is from the pour tube when I poured the plastic. It will snap off if you hold it with, say, pliers and tilt the head back, leaving a near perfect ball joint. I left it on because itís great to hold while you paint the head!

Hereís a picture of some of my heads (natural, painted) on some troops in my custom Cobra ForceBlue Viper-Marines platoon:

Left to right: (Lieutenant (Platoon Commander), Warrant Officer, Sergeant, Private (though the colour seems really bright blue, in actual fact itís closer to the original Cobra blue from (original trooper/officer) (another pic here)


Here's my ForceBlue Vanguard Platoon Heavy Weapons troops. The Mortar-Viper uses a repainted Mirage body with a black SAW Viper head casting. The HEAT Viper repaint is simply as I think it always should have been coloured. Click the thumbnails for full image

'86 Viper Backpack

I also created an original Viper backpack casting. Here it is on the back of my customised Viper Officer

Yes, thatís a copy cast in black, believe it or not. The head is a black casting, but the rifle here is an accessory pack one.

S.A.W. Viper Heads


A home-cast (natural) S.A.W. Viper head, painted, on a Zartan v3 (mostly) body. Click it for a bigger image.

Click this guy to see my other custom work.

Click this guy to see other custom work using my castings.

More of my customs are posted on JoeCustoms.com, one of my favourite sites. Check out my listing here!

One last plug: Be sure to check my Trade List to see if I have anything else you might want or vice versa. I have tons of spare figure parts, so ask away if you need something specific.

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Many thanks to AstroSpacePirate for the awesome banner at the top and for hosting some of my customs. Please check out his site too for some amazing custom work!